Managing Wedding Stress

Even good things can be stressful. Often, brides and grooms experience different kinds of stress. Brides are usually more emotional about the wedding plans and grooms can be more "stressed out" about money. Whether you are a bride or a groom, it is a time where all kinds of stress can manifest itself. Here are a few tips that should assist with some common stressors or feelings:

During wedding planning expect stress.

Why? There are many decisions to be made, a lot of details to be worked out, and others may want to or try to influence you. That is normal. It is important that you and your fiancé be aware of what is really happening. Try to respond to issues and try to avoid reacting to people.

Do not expect perfection.

Expect a "terrific" day. Setting unreasonable expectations will create stress and lead to frustration, and then more stress for you and your fiancé. It will be a wonderful day because you two are sharing in this wonderful event. One of the greatest challenges facing brides and grooms is their feelings of wanting to satisfy everyone. There are so many people involved family, friends and relatives; it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Recognizing this fact is important. It will help if you begin by setting realistic expectations.

Time pressure can cause a great deal of stress. Remember not to try to do everything yourself. Try to delegate as much as you can to others, start early and do the items on your list one at a time.


If you are feeling stressed about certain elements of the wedding such as, saying your wedding vows or your first dance with your husband, then you can practice in advance. You can practice as you positively visualize the event. Spend some quiet time alone, relax and really visualize in your mind the events going smoothly. Do this exercise whenever you feel you need to or feel anxious about the situation.

Don't Invite Stress to Your Wedding

You have set the date, picked your dress, and are excited about your wedding day, right? Well, maybe. While your wedding day can be one of the best days of your life, it can also be one of the most stressful. Many brides neglect themselves through the many weeks or months leading up to that special day. Because they are intent on making sure everything is just so, they may let important priorities like staying healthy sli


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